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01-10-2004, 10:35 AM
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Curious injury theory

I have posted a few times my theory that the reason we are the most injured team in the history of the game is due to Andys system. I will add again why I think that way and wondered if any of my un poisened pen mates would wear the scarlet letter and respond to me on it.

I believe, of late and after reading and readin until my eyes lolly'd up, that Murray's system and style of coaching is largely responsible for the reason that we are the most injured team in the history of the game.

Here is why. I have been watching us like most of you and seen that we NEVER finish a check. We play a speed transition game and when you finish a check it takes you out of the play and away from the chance to move up and be a part of the offence. We tend to be one of the top offences in the league and out defence are always the top as a team so I feel supported in that theory.

I also have found that we are coached NOT to respond to other teams emotionally when they cheap shot our top lads or for that matter, any other time. It makes sense on paper because it will give you the shot at the PP if you just stand there and take it and the other team gets the penalty. Here is why I find it a massive mistake. (other than the obvious theory that I feel it is a big part of our injury troubles) When we let the other team man handle us and never respond (except for when players like Avery "loose it' and do what most players around the league want to do and actually will do when that nonsense happens) it gives the other team the upper hand. It gives them the confidence of knowing naught will come of it.

Hmany times have you heard others say how "frustrating" we are to play against because we never get bent and never go out of our system? Allot if you ask me and that is all well and good, but, it also gives the other team the green light, fearing no retaliation, to run, hack and cheap shot our players. The opposition plays us hard and physical and do so at every shot they get. After awhile, our lads start playing NOT to get hit and when that happens, you stop playing aggressive and you get injured.

So, while it helps us have the fastest transition game and the best scoring defence in the game, it is costing us players. We don't play any sort of a physical game and I feel that it is akin to footbals prevent defence. It makes the other team carry the play to you and when that happens you are always on the defence and you can't win if you aren't trying to win. I love Andy and his system but, I feel it is great for the playoffs and not so great for the regular season in that it leaves our lads open to being often injured and if you are too banged up to make the playoffs then being good if you get there isn't going to help you at all.

Anyone have any thoughts to my insane ramblings?

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