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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Which sets up my favorite Hextall story!

*Gretzky fires point blank shot. Rookie Hextall saves it. Gretzky is in disbelief*

Gretzky: "Who the hell are you?"

Hextall: "Who the hell are you?"

That's easily my favorite story of goalie "swagger." Second place is Roy's wink, third place goes to Holtby's staredown. Interesting that they were all rookies at the time.
Mike Keenan didn't tell either goalie who was starting that game until after the morning practice.

FWIW, the same scout who lobbied for the Flyers to draft Bobby Clarke did the same with Ron Hextall. His name was Gerry Melynk. Coincidentally, the Flyers got him as a player in a trade from St. Louis after their first season but he was diagnosed with heart problems and never played for the team. He was given a job as a scout and that is why he suggested drafting Clarke (diabetes) and Hextall (demeanor, personailty) both of whom were passed by other teams for different reasons.

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