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Originally Posted by Malarowski View Post
Well what is the one thing that you can't change and causing you to lose? I might have missed it in the thread, but you seem to refer to it a bunch without specifying. Is somebody not pulling their weight? Is it that you're all thrown together? I am about to start playing on a similar team, and this team went 0-12 last time around, so I am in for a rough ride, but what do you feel is the issue?
Ummm, yeah.... So you go on and on about how you all clearly know why your losing and all... But wont let us in on it?
There are plenty of teams who are not a handpicked group of friends who do fine?

Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
I like that idea, and our situations sound similar.

We've had a couple of games where we were short a C. I'm always scared to do it because I assume I'm not the strongest person for the job. But hey, if we're going to lose anyway, it's a chance to get some face-off experience, get a lot of skating in, and maybe get some more SOG. I've skated C a few times in a scrimmage situation where it didn't matter, but never felt that I was 'worthy' of the calling in a league game. Maybe I'll look at it differently.
Is the secrete thing that you don't like to work on what your not good at?

Seems weird that the only thing holding you guys back is something no one can change when you avoid doing something because your bad at it?

If your not good as a center, and your occasionally needed to play center... Isn't that right there something you can work on instead of just throwing hands in the air because as it turns out doing better is impossible (not just difficult and uncomfortable?)

I suppose if there is nothing else to do, all you can is stop using wins and losses as a metric of success. Look smaller and focus on your own improvements and achievements so you can still play hard and accomplish, while still giving up on the championship

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