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10-29-2006, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by White Snake View Post
What a stupid post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are thinking we should trade him because he is ON FIRE then I could see your point. But why would we want to trade our most important peice right now. I loved his emotion last night, he picked up the whole bench. HE played an amzing game in his own zone last night. HE WON EVERY SINGLE BATTLE. And lets be honest that was the worst game Rivet played ever so he was playing for two last night. He cant cover every man out there.

Yes lets trade Souray Kovalev and Samsonov our best three players last night, what a brilliant idea. Better yet lets trade Aebischer, he played too well so we dont want him anymore.

OH wait Koivu had a off night last night so lets trade him oh and Higgins missed a wide open net so he is also a gonner.

Lets just get prospects and draft picks and then bring up Kost, Lapp, Ferland and Jancevski. THAT WOULD MAKE US A GREAT TEAM. UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!

As stupid as all that sounds this is basically what some fools are asking for around here. Lets win the CUp in 2015 , yaaaaaaaaaaa! WE just spent the last 5 years rebuilding but lets do it all over again, that is exciting. SMARTEN UP.
It's not a stupid post if you take time to think it over. Souray is UFA next summer. Does he want to sign here again? who knows...What kind of contract will he be looking for if he keeps up with those stats? There are alot of things to consider. I think it's to early to think serioulsy about trading him. But near the trading deadline something might happen. We have Souray,Markov,Rivet who are UFA on D. Higgins and Ryder will need new contracts. So please dont say this is a stupid post....just take time and think about all of those things.

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