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Originally Posted by ZeroPT View Post
I have no clue how that has any effect on the discussion. But no I didn't watch Stuart as a USNTDP member AT THE TIME , but I have been able to re-watch 1 or 2 games and no, they aren't similar at all IMO. Obviously if you have seen Stuart more than once or twice then you could have a better grasp of the situation.
Of course you don't.

I watched Stuart for two years in the program. He was just like Santini. He appeared to be a heady, defense-first stalwart. The problem is, as he moved up and faced tougher competition, his reactions and thought process didn't keep up with the pace of the game. Sometimes high IQ at lower levels do not project to higher levels and players don't keep up with the faster pace of the game. I'm not saying this will happen to Santini, but it is always a possibility with almost every prospect. Especially on defense. This is why it's so hard to project defensemen.

Out of curiosity, how were you able to re-watch USNTDP games from the early 2000s?
Morin has more tools yes, but Santini has the tool box if that makes any sense. The challenge for Morin would be to learn how to use those tools in which situation, Santini already has quite a grasp of that concept. I really don't think Morin's rise makes him better than Santini, offense can be taught/improved, however defensive awareness and all of Santini's prime assets can not.
You have it backwards, buddy. Offense cannot be taught, defense can. Despite that, I doubt you've watched Morin, because he is just as solid as Santini defensively and is similarly a defense-first player. The difference is he has more physical maturing to do and once he grows into his body he will really hit his stride. He is already very sound and smart defensively. He isn't an offensive puck rusher, but he has a good first pass, and very good instincts. In the end, I think he'll be just as effective as Santini defensively, if not more so due to a larger frame and wingspan which will make it harder for players to beat him one-on-one.

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