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07-15-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by TMLrule View Post
Give the game meaning, like a championship. It could be huge for the sport. The world juniors have no meaning either but people watch it because its entertaining. The best KHL team vs the best NHL team would entertaining.

If nobody takes the game seriously like an all-star game obviously it will be boring but if they try like world juniors it would be fun and exciting.
I don't think the NHL players (and possibly the KHL players either) would care unless there was a financial reward. Give the winning team like $10,000,000 to divide up and you might have something. This tournament would have no historical significance because it is new, the players would have to play during their off-season and they have to risk getting hurt and jeopardizing their careers. So the only way I see to make players want to compete is for a large cash prize for the winner.

Also you are taking the team that won the Stanley Cup, who already played 20+ games more than half the league and making them play another set of games with traveling half way around the world. The Cup champs would hate this and feel it would be a terrible disadvantage for the next season.

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