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07-15-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
As for Bryz, perhaps my standards for good goaltending are low considering what I've seen the last several years here. Either way, as I stated in the OP, I expect a much better year from the team with the new additions. I won't derail the thread anymore with Bryz defending
I find it funny because honestly, I do it myself. When I catch myself thinking about our play now, I try to compare it to what I see from other teams on an average basis when they play against us. Then again, it's not so easy to do sometimes considering that we have an offensive advantage generally.

That said, I find the trend among Flyers fans is to consider our defense bad because they make mistakes, but you'll find that other defensemen around the NHL make as many if not more disastrous blunders. For example, if another team's top line makes a great play to get the puck in a prime scoring location, we would immediately blame our defense rather than compliment their opponent's skill level.

It also seems like we hold blame against them longer than we generally do against goalies for letting in bad goals (Leighton's SCF OT flop as the exception that proves the rule), when in reality it kind of should work the opposite way.

The Flyers defense is very underrated. It has its problems and weaknesses, as does our team defense. We can't be perfect. Even our 2010 team suffered from poor goaltending and a hopelessly fallible 3rd pairing.

That said, we have much improved goaltending this year. We also have much better puck-movement from the back lines including Streit, Coburn slotting in a my comfortable role, and two goaltenders that can play the puck. Puck-control from Lecavalier and Hall for a full season will add to our 5-on-5 play positively both offensively and defensively. Moving Schenn outside adds to our depth, size, and physicality on the outside.

Hopefully everyone stays healthy. I'm hoping for big things this year, and for Lavi to be allowed to re-implement his system going forward. Deviating from that and attempting to coddle a phony between the pipes was the wrong move.

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