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Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
I'm all for being competitive, but I'd advise against blocking shots when you're not winning games or heading to championships. There'll be a time it might make a sort of crazy sense (I went down for a couple in our championship game when we were up by 1 with a minute left) but I agree with the rest.

As a team practice breakout strategies and zone entry, focus on simple puck movement and don't worry so much about that one thing you can't change. Maybe once you accept you'll probably lose you'll play better too!
If your keeper's the weak link, help him get stronger. Talk to him, and find out what shots give him fits or what plays are leading to his issues stopping the puck. For me, I have a lot of trouble with guys backing in too far and screening me, so I've explained this to D-men, and I communicate it to them when I can't see it coming. That way they know to clear the lane or take away the bottom and leave me the top.

Good communication with the guy and telling him when you notice a trend in how he's getting beaten, will only serve to help him improve. If he's giving them too much glove to shoot at, tell him that you see a lot of glove to shoot at when guys come in on him. It could be as simple as him adjusting his angles to correct this. Maybe he's lifting his stick when he drops into his butterfly, leaving a 5-hole gap. If you see him doing things that you use to pick apart other goalies, then tell him what you see as a shooter.

Just casually say something like "Can't help but notice that you lift your stick when you drop to your knees. As a shooter, I'd probably shoot there on you every time knowing that." Most keepers, are pretty good about it if you approach them in a cool and calm manner about it. We're not all temperamental psychopaths, right on the edge of snapping...we're mostly just masochistic fools, who have taken a few too many slappers to the melon.

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