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07-16-2013, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Black Tank View Post
I've been playing along on these threads the last few years, so here's this off-season's model:

Where are you from:
New York City - grew up in Harlem in the 70s

How old:

Rangers fan since:
1973-74 as that's the first season I can remember waching on a 12" b&w on WWOR channel 9.

First Rangers game you attended:
Don't remember which was the first one, but I remember going out to the Coliseum a lot when the Isles were in their prime (my dad had some connections out on the Island in those days and we always tried to catch the Rangers games there).

Favorite Rangers:
There have been so many over the years...but my first son's middle name is Messier and we are expecting our second, whose middle name will be Richter

Best Ranger moment:
Messier's hat trick in game 6 against the Devils - that season I believed that nothing could go wong and just when it looked its darkest...and after that game I knew we were going to win the Cup

Any other sports:
I live in England now and really enjoy the rugby.

How do you watch Rangers games:
At 5am on my computer the next day as we're 5 hours ahead.

Additional info:
I grew up in the NYC hi-rise projects but now live in the rolling green countryside nestled between an old forest and the ocean. We have wild horses grazing on the banks of the winding river behind our house. You couldn't get much further from New York than where I am now.
did you copy and paste this from last year? This sounds so incredibly familiar

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