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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
Zykov, while having good top 6 potential, has years before he even has a chance to sniff the NHL. That may seem unfair, and I KNOW people are going to take THIS out of context, but players like Patrick O'Sullivan and Oscar Moller showed a LOT of promise at the same age... as long as they just added strength.

Gamers who want to play in the NHL don't automatically make it and have a great chance of having an impact in the NHL. That's why I put a bit more weight on NHL readiness than potential.

But I can understand putting Zykov at #2 for the reasons listed above. The seamless transition to the NA game is encouraging. I just can't justify to myself, based off my past experiences and observations, listing him very high.
Comparing O'Sullivan and Moller to Zykov is really short changing him. Both Sully and Oscar had significant questions on whether they would make the NHL. O'Sullivan had all the mental issues and people constantly questioned his desire and drive to make it. If Moller was 2-3 inches taller he'd be an NHL forward right now. Zykov has none of those questions, sure his skating needs work and he's still somewhat raw. But he has NHL skill, NHL size and from all the interviews I've seen the drive and determination to be an NHL player is there. He's a much more complete prospect than either O'Sullivan or Moller were at the same age. Just can't compare those three because the numbers are similar.

I expected Pearson to win at 2 but I STRONGLY believe Zykov is our 2nd best prospect. And then Vey gets voted over him too?! No way. Zykov has true first line potential and fits our system perfectly. And I feel he's likely to make that projection. Pearson and Vey both top out as 2nd liners. I'm not a huge fan of Pearson. In fact, I'd probably have Vey over Pearson. But the fact that Zykov is 4th to me is just a huge problem. But of course, it's just my opinion. I'm sure many will disagree. They always do.
I agree for the most part with this reasoning. My top 4 is; Toffoli, Pearson, Zykov, Vey. It's difficult for me to justify putting Zykov over two guys that are basically NHL players and have playoff experience (even if it is 1 game.) But yeah I can see any mix of those 4 and I'd listen to arguements for and against any of them being lower or higher. I'm not mad with Vey at 3 because I don't think the gap is that big between him and Zykov. I was expecting your reasoning for disagreeing so strongly to be due to having someone like Forbort (really curious to see were he lands on this list,) Porkins, Gravel, Shore, or someone else that wouldn't even be on peoples radars yet in your top 4.

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