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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
First of all Lecavalier has played more games and has more goals and points (I eyeballed it, not 100% sure) in the past five years.

Secondly, did you not see Briere's game in recent years? His absolutely horrible Corsi (and all that) + his perimeter game + the fact that he produces best as a centre? His concussion issues and his size? The fact that his non-physical game will only contribute to the greater, overall problem the Habs' offense has had for the last ~10 years (minus the Patches-DD-Cole like of last year)?

These are red-flags to me. These read like major, major indictments against a player who ought to have nothing to do on a team that already features the shortest, softest players in the league by a long, long shot.

And you know what? I even said that I expect Briere to put in a good season, he's very talented and seems like he has something to prove. My knock is on Bergevin who should not have even targeted him to begin with. You're claiming this is baseless and that the difference in salary doesn't matter. I'm claiming that Lecavalier (and other players) make >500k more but bring so many other elements to a team that they make up the difference in many ways.

But I'm fine with not having Lecavalier going into the season - we have a good team and blah blah blah. My "baseless whining" is because Bergevin didn't target any d-men, it's that he extended Bouillon, Drewiskie and Desharnais, it's that our 4th line centre is a rookie smurf... it's that Bergevin's timidity on the market is compounded by him being a tightwad and that we'll never be players on the market. Philly got Lecavalier at a discount, make no mistake. We paid through the nose for Briere.

We still don't have a "good" top4 d-man. We still will employ a ludicrous defensive scheme. We still will end up struggling against teams with big d-men. We will over-rely on Subban on the and otherwise have a very static, very ugly scheme. We won't clear the crease on the PK ever and by the same token the opposing goalie will rarely have to deal with any of our players in his face.

We're a small, weak team. In positions where we could potentially change that image (3rd line C, bottom2 D, 4th line C) Bergevin doubled-down on sticking with the Smurf show. That's what bothers me.

I'm "over" missing out on Lecavalier, but my points against Bergevin stand.

Eller is not ready for top6 duties, not from what we saw last year (games where Plekanec was out or played poorly, Eller underperformed) - he could step up drastically but he could also not (depends on Therrien as well of course).
Plekanec brings a great two-way ethic but not size or game-breaking talent - we've seen him in the playoffs and he's steady and great defensively but does not bring an extra gear offensively.
Galchenyuk is a bit of a wild-card in that he could end up tearing the league up next year or not... we don't know.
Desharnais' contract is Bergevin's miscarriage so bringing him up only ratifies my view that Bergevin is an arbitrary, penny-pinching, arrogant idiot much like Gainey.

For more on why you're wrong: see the above two posts.
Who are we supposed to bring in? Who is out there that's gonna do a better job than a callup for tinordi or beaulieu?

What bottom six centre's are out there? Boyd gordon got 3 million....we gonna offer 3.5? for s 4th line center?

We got briere because he's free....he doesn't cost a godamn thing except house money. He didn't cost players...he didn't cost prospects...he didn;t cost draft picks....and he didn't cost valuable money that's going to interfere with the resigning of our upcoming FA's or needed to be spent on a UFA that fit our primary needs because there were none willing to come here or come here at the right price and term or simply in abundance this year to begin with. Would you rather dress a suitcase of money?..see how many goals that will get you?

How do you know bergevin hasn't been on the phone with every last gm asking about every last crease clearing d-man and power forward and coming to the realization that teams don't give these things away...they cost WAY too much...we have to draft them.
God almighty i don't understand how people are still going ******* over this.

He said...the day he came in here...he wanted to make this team better and he has.

He said he believes in building through the draft....and he does.

He said he wants to make this team a contender for years to come and turn it into a stanley cup winner. Wait and see. Just wait and see.

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