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Originally Posted by God View Post
So I've been thinking of buying a new pair of skates. My current pair are Nike Quest2, which I got 10 years ago. It's starting to wear a lot and I'm guessing skate technology is improved enough to make it worthwhile getting new skates.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what current skate model they're most like. The size I'm wearing is 9EE, and while the heel fits pretty well I think there's a little too much room at the toe because I can wiggle the front of my foot side to side and inch it forward a bit. (As an aside - exactly how much room should be at the toe?)

Right now I'm looking at some higher end clearance models. The Reebok 11k and CCM U+CL are on sale locally for 350-370, Easton S17 and EQ50s are 300, and I think all of the Vapor APX line is on sale (not sure what price) because of the release of the APX2. I know that I need to try all of them on before making a decision, but is there anything I should keep an eye out for? Do any of those skates wear easily?
I would guess Nexus for the Nike comparison.

As for the sizing question, refer to the first page, where I outlined what a perfect fit for an adult would be.

All are good skates you listed and all would be a big upgrade coming from where you are. The APX would be the stiffest, followed by the S17, EQ50, U+CL and 11K. Can't go wrong with whatever fits the best. Those are great options.

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