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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
We don't know if management's hardline stance with Subban forced him to mature and improve his game....we will never know.
That's about the last little piece of argument the people who think Bergevin did a good thing have. You obviously believe it did help otherwise you wouldn't bring it up.
However, listening to PK through the negotiations and lockout, he sounded more mature than a lot of his older teammates, some of which are our supposed leaders.
Also, if you followed PK over his young career, you know his progression curve since the juniors has been remarkable. No reason to think he doesn't get a Norris with a bigger deal in place. The guy has improved tremendously season after season. He did the same in his junior days, was it a monetary issue then as well? So why would it be one now.

It remains a possibility, and maybe served as a slight motivation, but I doubt it went as far as to have the impact some people like to imply.
He matured because that's usually what experience and age do to people. He improved because he trained hard, as usual, focused on some of his flaws and improved his strengths. That's why he got better. It's not because he signed a deal he wasn't happy with that he like pressed on a button and went into serious super Subban mode.

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