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Originally Posted by 11Goat11 View Post
For far too long there have been primma donnas and cliques in the Canadiens dressing room, I appreciate what Bergevin and Therrien are trying to accomplish here. What is the point of restricted free agency if teams are not going to use this mechanism to control young player costs? If Bergevin continues to operate this way guys like Galchenyuk will expect to get a bridge deal, this isn't NHL 14, you have to take egos and contract repercussions in the dressing room into consideration. That said, if Galch turns into an elite first line scorer Marc might have to cave, but remember PK was not a Norris winner when he got the bridge deal.
There have been no mention of cliques since Gainey blew up the team in 2009. And I seem to recall at the time one of the big reasons was that he wanted to change the culture of the team. So Gainey probably deserves more credit than Bergevin for that.

The main purpose of RFA is too control player movement, in doing so it helps control costs but that is not the main point. Also Subban will make more money over his career now then if he had a signed a long term deal last year. So the bridge deal didn't even do a good job at doing that.

Subban was already a top-pairing D which is justification for a long term deal. But at the end of the day if he produces Galchenyuk will want a long term deal and he will not care about what Subban did, he'll point out the dozens of players who didn't take a bridge deal. If MB plays hardball then we will have the same situation, one of our top players holding out. That's bad.

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