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Originally Posted by 11Goat11 View Post
Subbans own comments lead me to believe the bridge contract was extra motivation. I don't have the links but he was very adamant about how he wanted to prove his doubters wrong, and that he remembered who said what about him. I am not a Subban hater and have never believed the BS spread about him in the media, but he did change a few things about his image this year that helped his game, the team, and people's perception of him. I am not saying he wouldn't have continued to improve, but IMO the bridge contract changed him in a positive way that might not have occurred if he was given bank and the long term deal right away.
Well if he had signed a long term deal I'm sure people would have complained that it was too much and he didn't deserve it. Wouldn't that have also provided extra motivation? He'd still want to prove his doubters wrong. Putting someone in their "place" is not the only way to motivate someone.

As for his changing image, he was already heading in that direction if we look at his first season to his second season. Also having someone like Markov there probably had a bigger impact on him changing his image than a contract dispute.

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