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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Because I brought it up as a possibility means that I must believe it to be so???

Only a fool would say with certainty that the contact negotiations absolutely did or did not play a part as a variable in his development. We are all free to lean more to one side than the other but dealing with absolutes in a subjective discussion is a waste of everyone's time.

Personally I don't lean in either direction but instead acknowledge it as a possibility. If you are aware of anything else that I would like to say that I have yet to think of I would greatly appreciate you letting me know ASAP. You are like Galifianakis with his mind control powers. When I discover brain control we will revisit these conversations.

Well the way you were discussing the matter lead me to believe you thought it did. Sorry for the assumption.

But what I have an issue with is that it's such a small, insignificant reason that it is barely worthy of mention. It's as if he had signed a deal, won the Norris, and I said he wanted to prove to the world he was worth his deal. It's entirely subjective to begin with, and so, I find it rather unworthy of mention.

I believe his work ethic, his off/on ice training, his experience and maturity are why he won the Norris last season. Him wanting to prove he's worth more than a bridge deal is a superficial reason.
You can find a new one like this every year. Every year you can find about a million reasons of what players want to ''prove'' and say they served as motivation.

Originally Posted by 11Goat11 View Post
Subbans own comments lead me to believe the bridge contract was extra motivation. I don't have the links but he was very adamant about how he wanted to prove his doubters wrong, and that he remembered who said what about him. I am not a Subban hater and have never believed the BS spread about him in the media, but he did change a few things about his image this year that helped his game, the team, and people's perception of him. I am not saying he wouldn't have continued to improve, but IMO the bridge contract changed him in a positive way that might not have occurred if he was given bank and the long term deal right away.
As I said in the previous post, you can find a new reason every year (even more than one) that serves as motivation.
Now next year you can say he wants to prove his Norris is for real. Wants to put all the doubters that didn't vote for him in the right place. That it wasn't a fluke year. If he does it again and sign a massive deal, he wants to prove he's worth his deal.

Every player hears criticism, even through good seasons. I'm pretty sure they all want to put those critics back in their place. It's the competitive nature.

But PK was already showing signs of more maturity over the lockout, where he was poised and politically correct in his comments, meanwhile dumb and dumber duo Gorges-Cole keep saying dumb crap.

Like I said, I think saying the bridge deal was good because it served as motivation is a cop out. Has he signed a bigger deal, there would have been doubters, and they would have been vocal about it. They could have served as motivation as well.
It's all BS.

These negotiations happened after the lockout, just before the season. Summer training was over. He was ready to go. He's not the type of player that needs this extra motivation to up his level of play. The guy competes so hard even in practice that his teammates get pissed. So ya, I seriously doubt he had a laid back complacent approach to this season, and this contract pushed him over the edge.
Just look back at his interview when he was drafted, he said he wants to bring cups to Mtl. He always wanted to be the best. This negotiation didn't change anything.

It's a crap excuse the supporters of this deal cling on to because they have no other reason to really back it up with otherwise.

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