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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
This is why sometimes I'd like to see the comments turned off on polls like these.

You don't have to agree with someone's list, you can debate it, but saying it must be terrible and seems bat **** crazy doesn't provide anything to the debate.

We get it, you've been spouting wood for Porkins and Zykov since the first thread, that's fine. Good for you. Others don't agree and that's there right, certainly not worthy of a few and being bashed.

Btw, add Miller (and yeah, go ahead and call that a dumb move too like you have before).

And it's not like I called his list insane and didn't explain it. I explained why it truly is crazy to me. By my reasoning and the way I feel prospects should be judged is a completely different way than KP. I respect him and his opinion but I absolutely and completely disagree with it.

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