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07-16-2013, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Boston BROin View Post
Welp, after 26 years in New England (16 of those in New Hampshire, 1 on Martha's Vineyard and 9 in Boston proper) I'm making the move to New York City. Got a job in SoHo and am looking to find a place in the Lower East Side. I've always wanted to get down there, and it's finally happening.

It's funny, you realize right away all of the big things you're going to miss, like friends and family. Then you think of all the little things that you take for granted living here. A lot of those little things are Bruins' and hockey related to me. Being able to hear local broadcasts every game. Being able to catch a game at the Garden. Spring playoff hockey in Boston. My men's league team in Somerville. Pickup hockey in Newton.

Boston and New England really is a great place to live. Miss it already.
Don't they have the internets in NYC? You can still listen to 98.5 over your computer/smartphone -

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