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Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
And if I was comparing career trajectories, I would agree with these points. I am simply explaining why NHL readiness > potential to me

Edit: caught drugold's post and just want to say thank you for the kind words
I guess I just don't get the grading system then... I mean the examples you used were both servicable NHL players by what 21-22? Sure they had their careers de-railed due to their issues but they were both high potential, NHL ready at a young age, and yet they are less in your view than say Andreoff who while solid tops out at probably a third liner? I get you have to factor in NHL readiness into judging prospects, but it shouldn't to me be the sole determining foctor or really even a large part of picking the best. I mean in your own words you like Andreoff because "he is a very safe prospect."
At some point you have to stop playing it safe and try to swing for the fences. Trevor Lewis was once thought to be a 2nd line two-way center, and instead he's a solid 3rd line checking forward. Doesn't make him a bust. Just means he didn't reach his full ceiling. Zykov in my eyes is at worse a 3rd/4th liner in the NHL. He has all the tools to make it even if his scoring doesn't translate to the NHL level.

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