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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
so the Leafs have a ton of cap space right? why would they not give Grabo another yr cause we all know he has talent to score

Bolland in , Grabo out is not an offensive upgrade, Defensive sure

Kadri, Bozak are not good number 1 Cs, 2nd line maybe. Mclement is one of the best 4th though.

All in all I dont see how the Leafs got much better. Clarkson is overrated, sure he will bring physical play but he wont score a ton.

Bernier is the key
You really don't see that the Leafs got better? Come on.. The Leafs were one of the highest scoring teams in the NHL and unfortunately, defensive lapses cost the Leafs the season. I will take Bolland over Grabovski 10 out of 10 and the offensive output, at least compared to last season, is negligible.

Thanks for your input on Kadri as a 2nd line centre.. so kind. Maybe after he plays more than one full season we could get a more accurate representation of his talents.

Notice how you didn't compare MacArthur to Clarkson.. just went straight for the "overrated" stand by. Clarkson is clearly an upgrade over MacArthur.

Bernier isn't any key. The Leafs have a fine NHL goalie already. Reimer carried the team to the playoffs last year and there is no reason to suspect he couldn't do the same. Now that the Leafs have Bernier, they have better options in net should there be any problems. I don't think that anyone would want Scrivens to carry the load for a season or playoffs. He performed well, but he wasn't ideal. I really can't see anyone here picking Scrivens over Bernier.

As far as I am concerned, I believe the new players are clear upgrades on the old players and therefore, have upgraded.

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