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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Right, but Toronto finally made the play offs last year. They aren't going to be looking for futures to replace known quantities, and as much as we love Bourque and Edmonton loves Klefbom, they are still young players who may or may not work out in Toronto. The 1st has value, but how much value to Toronto? Oh, and Toronto has $9m in cap space. I doubt they are too concerned with Phaneuf's cap hit.
Toronto has 9 million in cap space with RFAs to sign such as Kadri, Franson, Gunnerson.

Those 3 agents could eat up all of the cap space available.

Kadri had 44 points in 48 NHL games at the vary least that will put him in the 3 million range. Possibly 4 million plus depending on the term A bridge contract is probably best for both that will be 3.2 to 3.8 million most likely.

Franson had 29 points in points in 44 NHL games. Tied his best season in Nashville where he had 29 points in 80 games. He should also be in the 2.5 million to even 4 million range. He will sign for really close to around 3 million a season.

Gunnerson had 15 points in 37 games last season. He's known more for his defense then offense. He should also be in the 2.5 to 3.5 million range. If they get lucky they will get him for the Alzner price of 2.8 million a season.

After resiging their 3 free agents they will be really close to the cap. Lets say Kadri is 3.4 million Franson is 3 million then Gunnerson is 2.8 million. That will amount to 9.2 millon.

9.72 million in cap space doesn't really explain the whole story when they have 3 key free agents to sign. That 9.72 million ends up being .52 million.

If their RFAs get more then the conservative numbers I estimated the could end up over the cap.

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