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07-16-2013, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by JustJim View Post
Yeah, you have a point there. However, I think he's been getting better scouting info involving the drafting.
Holmgren is a phenomenal judge of talent, but he hasn't been the single rock holding together our scouting department. He's great, but he's always had scouting help. This is no secret.

Originally Posted by JustJim View Post
Just look what he's done to his farm team recently by trading away so many potentially decent players for a get-the-Cup-quick scheme. The Adirondack Phantoms are an absolute joke, thanks to the inept dealing by Paul Holmgren.
Personally, I don't really care that the Adirondack Phantoms are a joke, but in truth, your comment throws out some falsehoods. The Adirondack Phantoms are not a joke because Holmgren is not good at his job. Theoretically, the Phantoms are a joke because in theory, Holmgren is too good at his job. We don't have high end prospects developing for a long time in the AHL because we draft players of a specific mold who can make bigger NHL impacts early. A lot of the guys who are selected in early rounds that become average NHL players generally spend a lot of developmental time in AHL. These eventual average or fringe NHLers generally become the backbone for AHL programs. The difference is that we take a lot of shots for the fences with often hit/miss results as is to be expected. Since we trade away a number of higher picks as well, we end up with a top-heavy prospect pool that can't compete at the AHL level.

That's fine though. We're not looking for exceptional fringe NHLers. We quickly rid ourselves of most players that obviously have no real shot as well.

Originally Posted by JustJim View Post
Ron Hextall was brought back to the Flyers to re-build their farm team, as well as take control of hockey operations for this franchise.
Our prospect pool is fine. Our player development is fine. Our roster is fine. Our drafting is fine. Our scouting is EXCELLENT.

Hextall is another voice in the mix who can help us; nothing more. Perhaps he's being groomed for the position, but I don't consider him a superior GM to Holmgren down the road. He has some fairly impressive shoes to fill.

Just because people around here don't consider Holmgren good at his job does not mean he isn't.

Originally Posted by JustJim View Post
If Holmgren knew what he was doing, I doubt this move would've ever taken place.
Hextall will be the next GM, and Holmer will be available for alumni games only!
Actually, dropping Holmgren without knowing how Hextall will be as a GM is a facepalm worthy move. Holmgren is one of the best in the business even if people around here are not willing to admit it.

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