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07-16-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by prairie hab View Post
Some reaction in this thread is laughable.

Has the media reported a rift between Bergevin and Subban or something? Because the way I am reading it, many of you are of the persuasion that Subban will be on the first bus out of town if his demands are not met, which many of you are also fabricating off of other contracts given to similar defensemen recently.

NOBODY including Subban would have guessed he would have the season he did last year. Good for him, and good for us. To villainize Bergevin in all of this is ludicrous and semi-********.

Some of you need to quit acting like you know it all, are Subban's agent, or are Bergevin's conscience, and realize that HINDSIGHT IS 20/20.

The *****ing and whining on this board has reached epic proportion this past year.

The patience of 2 year olds I tell you.
I don't think people are "villainizing" him at all. Yes, I think they mishandled the situation and I hated the way they treated him. Doesn't mean I think that they're terrible or that they should be fired.

But it's very clear now (as it was to many of us back then) that the guy was lowballed. Why he was lowballed is open to debate but he'd proven himself well beyond what he got. You say his season was surprising? Okay, to a certain extent maybe so. But nobody should be surprised that he had a strong year. He had improved almost game by game last season before coming into this one.

A 5 year 5 mil per was not unreasonable and many of us thought it was a great idea and argued so AT THE TIME.

So don't come here now and blame us for being right about this. And don't tell us we're 'whining' when we turn out to be right. Most of us are mature enough to say when we were wrong and do so all the time. There's no reason for blasting people when they get things right. And they certainly did in this case.

MB was foolish for making the offer he did and now we have to live with the consequencences of that decision. We have every right to rip him for this. You don't like it? Then don't post on a message board. Save yourself the stress and go watch The Bachelorette or something like that.
Originally Posted by 417 View Post
The 'making him better' part was just for public consumption IMO...there's not a GM or hockey person/fan in the world who can't recognize the talent that Subban posesses.

I just think that MB wanted/wants to establish a way of doing business, especially as a guy just coming into the General Manager position. I respect him for trying to instill a team hierarchy and will respect him even more if he rewards Subban with a huge deal as the Habs highest paid player.

He earned it...

As i've said many times, teams all over the NHL are paying all their stars big time money...currently, the Habs only have 1 player making north of 6m. Paying Subban
7-8M per year is not going to cripple the Habs.
But getting Norris value production out of a player for 5 million dollars would've given us a huge competitive advantage over the next five years... That's how you build cup winning teams. We cost ourselves 2-3 mil in cap space for no reason.

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