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Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
I'd like to see an actual article, quote or whatever from either PK Subban, Marc Bergevin or Donald Meehan that says 25 for 5

i dare you to find it
I dare you to prove that water is wet.

It was reported all over the media man. TSN, Cherry, CBC... everyone said that this was what he was looking for. Do you expect them to come out and publicly declare this? No, they did what any smart agent would do... they leaked it out to the media.

And no matter how you slice it, we paid we below what we should have for him last year and PK actually signed it. So there's very clear evidence that he wasn't asking for the moon.
Originally Posted by 417 View Post
That's an's not reality.

You build Cup winners by having the right kind of players, regardless of how much money they make. You do that by drafting well, developing those players well, making astute trades and having competent coaching

Not by trying to be a scrooge with the salary cap
There's good evidence to suggest that this was the case.

As usual, the folks who defended the move back then will now cling to some form of Cartesian Skepticism - we can't possibly know anything about anything - to try to argue their point. It's absurd to do this man...

Go back and look at my posts. I initially thought PK was asking for the moon too. I blamed his agent (Meehan's a shark) and argued that he was going to drag this out. It became very quickly apparent though that this wasn't the case. It was reported everywhere what they wanted... You want to say maybe it would've been 26 over 5? Okay, but it was in that range. And I have a hard time PK wouldn't have signed at 5 for 25 esp given what he signed for.

Look at what MB's final offer was. You're going to tell me this was a good decision? Really?

As for cap management... it's definitely key to winning cups.

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