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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
You still didn't answer the were right about what?

That he was going to win the Norris?

You really think MB was betting against him winning the Norris? No matter what Subban was going to do this year, it was obvious he was going to get a raise
Right that he would be worth more a 25m/5 year contract over the course of the contract.

Originally Posted by HABsurde View Post
So now he's going to be the best paid player in the NHL? Overreacting a bit are we?
417 is arguing that 3m doesn't matter, so I'm just wondering if there's a limit, if 3m doesn't matter, does 5m?

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
How does that make any sense?

He, alledgedly I might add, wanted a 5yr/25M deal last year...

He settled for less for the next 2 years (can't recall exact figures)...and next year will likely sign a 7 to 8 year deal that will pay him a minimum of 7M per year.

I know which route I would of rather taken...the one where i'll be making more money
And if this season he gets a skull fracture like Blake Geoffrion, or a concussion like Marc Savard, or any other serious debilitating injury he doesn't get to sign that big lucrative contract at all. If he misses half a season last year to a regular injury he's not looking at a huge payday right now either. By signing long term last season he's giving up potential money for guaranteed money.

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