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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
That's a pretty weird way of describing their rating system, since nobody really knows who the Flames thought were going to be available at their picks. Whenever a GM goes out of his way to say that, it usually means that he knows that some folks are going to question him. I get that, but I'm not sure it does anyone any favours. It just sounds like he's being a bit defensive, and it opens him up to criticism if the player doesn't live up to his lofty predictions.
Well the point is to show that they went in with a game plan they stuck to it and excited to come out better than expected; once you try and read more than that like the Flames first 3 picks are 100% going to all be in the best 13 players of the draft discussion you are just looking for a reason to rag on him.

Every year we see quite a few guys outside of the first round that should of been a top 15 pick in their year. Should we roast 29 GMs for each of those guys?

Feaster knows it's a crapshoot and he just really likes where the org has placed their bets.

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