Thread: News Article: (THW) Nashville's Free Agent Flops
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07-16-2013, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
Cracknell fits exactly into the type of "Moneyball" stuff I'm talking about. He had an immensely positive corsi despite a sub-50% OZS ratio. That applies to literally nobody Nashville signed, and had it, I would have spent several hundred words praising the signing.

The only advanced stats I've mentioned are:
A) Corsi, which is just +/- with shots instead of goals
B) Offensive to defensive zone start ratio
C) Various QoC stats (applied relatively within the confines of a roster to further illuminate usage)

It's not like I'm calculating WAR here, or anything.
I see what you are saying and I agreed to a certain extent. But do they have the skillset to play into a higher Corsi within the confines of Trotz's system? Each player in a vacuum, sure its obvious. But in concert with each other with a veteran's wherewithal to play through bad habits (hopefully and to me is the real gamble), there are too many variables missing to totally rely on that.

I'm a chemist by training and know that reactions can be optimized using inferior products through the constructs of manipulating a variety of factors to achieve equilibrium. There is also a certain touch and feel associated with running reactions that only experience can prepare you to handle on the fly. I think that that is what we are witnessing here with Nashville assembling their roster. We need to see what the roster performs like and how they are used before passing judgement. It's a boring take I know; but without hard data of the parts added reacting with each other on the ice, its all simply speculation and conjecture. We can shoot holes in everything with questions and critiques to maybe find the truth (as is the hallmark of Western Science); but sadly we'll have to wait and see how the roster performs in real time. Plus I get to observe how it unfolds while drinking copious amounts of beer/local ales while screaming for peoples's heads cut off with dull objects from the rafters! It's my release from daily life to hang out with buddies w/out the family and why I have season tickets in the first place!

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