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Originally Posted by prairie hab View Post
A few holes in your post:

1) You use hindsight to claim PK was lowballed - plain and simple. Easy to say this after the season he just had.
2) The 5 over 5 number was never substantiated anywhere - strictly opinion and hearsay.
3) What makes you think you will turn out to be right?

If PK has a subpar season over the next couple years, the same people will ***** about his contract whatever it looks like. As much as you want to believe, there is not a science to this. The market sets itself, and is often skewed by ridiculous GM's and their penchant to overpay "names". What is wrong with a GM being firm and wanting to see results from a very young, developing player before wagering the farm? That sounds like good business acumen to me.

The bridge contract was not an insult. If you and your fellow posters who share your opinion are so right, then why was Subban not a target for an offer sheet? (Yes I heard the stories that he would not sign one because he really wanted to be a Hab... blah blah blah). Why did GM's across the league not see his supposed worth like all of you did?

The most damning evidence?


I take it he was not that insulted. Nor will he be when he signs his next deal.
Just to be clear if PK struggles in the next few years it makes the bridge contract worse because he will now have a higher caphit regardless of any struggles next year. A struggling former Norris winner at 5m is much better than one at 7m.

Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
I like how people assume that Subban would've come in this season with the same state of mind with a big, fat contract in hands.

I also like how people can't understand the safest thing to do is what Bergevin did; the Sabres got ****ed big time with Tyler Myers. The Flames got too with Dion Phaneuf to a certain extent.

I also like how people assume the new management team had nothing to do with Subban blooming the way he did last season.

Hindsight is 20/20. When he signed, nobody knew how Subban was going to evolve as a player. What I know though, is that those bonus are completely irrelevant, if you don't have dime-a-dozen players like Gorges who are being paid HUGE amounts of money to bring absolutely nothing to the table... or players like Gionta who are earning 5M a year by not contributing to the identity of our team in any way.

Give me one potential Norris trophy winner who's signed at such a discount in this league. Name one.And then, you'll be able to blame Bergevin for not doing likewise.

Otherwise, you're just complaining about not having something that doesn,t even exist in this league to begin with.
We can also list a bunch of players who didn't struggle after signing long term after their ELC. And in Myers case he had a great rookie year and then struggled for two years. Had Buffalo waited until his ELC was finished they likely would've done something different. PK improved each season of his ELC so it's not at all the same.

Many people predicted PK would continue to improve/evolve as a player, so to claim it's all hindsight and nobody could know is ridiculous.

Letang was a finalist this year and was signed for 4 year at 3.5m per after his ELC. Does that count. And it doesn't really matter if there's been one before we had that opportunity and didn't take it.

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