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01-10-2004, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by MrKnowNothing
Well, good game guys.

I could go on a rant about the NHL team comment a page back, but as none of you even agreed, there's no point.

Just one game closer to Ovechkin.

Can any of you who saw the game describe how Kraft played? He seemed to be the only good Penguin out there. Also, how was Surovy?

Thanks (as you might know, the game wasn't on TV here).

Surovy played an ok game, showed some good speed, tried to make something happen at times - but the only guy who really impressed me tonight on the Pens was Holzinger.

Feel free to rant on why the Pens should be in Pittsburgh, I would love to hear some good reasons why a club that cannot afford players with NHL salaries, and therefore cannot ice a team capable of competing in the league can merit staying where they are. This is a team that even if they managed to draft Ovechkin - ironically would likely not even be able to afford him at the NHL rookie salary cap.

Aside from the reasons of "love of the club" by fans, or "tradition", there is simply no reason not to move the club. They have had a ton of time to try and find an owner with deep pockets, and noone has come forward.

As much as many posters will love the 8-0 win, it is not something I want to see in the NHL on a regular basis. As anyone who watched the game might notice, this was by no means the habs' best effort out there tonight.

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