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07-16-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by cassius View Post
i was buying what you were selling until you mentioned the meat part.

gross, gross, gross. i've never seen lower quality meat in my life.

it's cool if you like a ton of preservatives/nitrates/artificial colorings i guess though. i made the mistake of buying a steak there once.. never again. tasted like rubber.
i usually only buy a bunch of the 5 lb frozen chicken breast bags and some boneless pork ribs. also turkey burgers if they have them.

ill agree its not the highest quality stuff but the frozen chicken breasts seems quite similar to the more expensive stuff sold at giant eagle and fresh grocer.

i am pretty poor/cheap so i frankly dont care much about the hormones/preservatives/strange genomes in my food. when i have an income a might get more picky, but for now its all aldi baby.

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