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07-16-2013, 05:29 PM
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This is a very good point. Assuming this is true, that puts Carcillo with Clifford, Nolan, Stoll and Fraser on the bottom lines.

Not exactly hockey's version of the Rhodes Scholars.
As a Flyer fan, having watched all of his games, I don't like him at all... and still have memories of him dragging down the Ricahrds line when MR was stuck with him. (Although MR never badmouths a teamate, and will give props to Carbomb)
and the only reason I can think of that DL would think about this is that the Clifford going to Montreal (perhaps as part of a package) are true and Carcillo is being brought in as a cheap (875K) replacement for him in the bottom 6.

DL won't bring in Carcillo with Clifford here. And if they are dealing Clifford, it better be as part of a package to upgrade at LW. Because I'd rather have Cliffy on the team.

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