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07-16-2013, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Offended? No. Puzzled? Absolutely. Made no sense whatsoever...

Paying PK 5 mil a year was not risky at all. He was worth 5 million easily based on what he'd done the year before and we had a chance to lock him up at very reasonable money for a long time.

And no matter how you try to rationalize or excuse the 2.75 million we forced on him this year it didn't make any sense at all. There's no way on God's green earth that he was only worth that or the relative peanuts he'll make again this year.

As for the argument that we couldn't know that he'd have a great year... that is ridiculous. We saw that he was already a number one blueliner and was at the bare minimum going to be worth that cash.

Prudent is one thing. Stingy is another. And I expect my GM to have some vision. You want to be prudent? Be prudent with Ryan White or... David Desharnais. Don't be cheap with a defenseman who's already proven he can be a number one guy at the tender age of 22. All we had to do was offer him what he was worth... we didn't. Now we'll pay in the long run.

This is not hindsight. This is something we said back when it was going on...

Dumb risk to take. There was no upside in taking that risk man...

When somebody comes in and starts accusing folks of 'whining' about something that the GM should be thrashed for, yes you are going to get called on for it. This is a message board, its a place to share opinion. And when I see crap like that on here, I will respond. And dude, it was hardly a swipe at you... come on, it's not like I ripped you apart.

As for your age... like I said, no insult intended. If you're old enough to know that GMs collude though... why bother asking the question to begin with? Why make a false objection that we all know is silly to bring up? The only logical conclusion would be that you don't know about this because hey... who would waste everyone's time with such a silly objection that everyone knows is false if they knew better?

I wasn't trying to degrade you. It was an honest question. And again, if you're old enough to know this and you know about the collusion, then why ask the question in the first place??

As for the bachelor comment, don't come here and accuse folks of whining when they have every right to rip the GM on something that he's made a mistake on. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but dude, when you come in saying folks are whining you're kind of asking for it. And me suggesting that you should go watch the Bachelor if you don't want to hear the criticisms against our GM isn't really the 'burn' of the century...

It's not like I'm going to get upset at you for asking if I'm PK's dad...
Feelings ain't hurt at all. Just do not know why you had to resort to the immature comments. And as far as commenting on the "whining", it might be safer to generalize than to single people out. I did not know you were the "board defender".

I notice you did not address the character concerns of Subban from my earlier post - and you do not have to. But I firmly believe this was a concern of the incoming brass, and they wanted to see which PK Subban would emerge for them. We have all heard how the new GM loves him some "character". I love Subban as a player, but we all know he can rub teammates and coaches the wrong way at times with his demeanour. Some can tolerate it, some cannot. Remember that Therrien was very reserved when it came to commenting on PK early on in the season. A lot more goes behind contract negotiations than just on ice performance. Just ask Tyler Seguin.

I personally believe PK grew up a lot this past year, and this was a result of Therrien allowing him to play his game more than Martin/Cunneyworth did.

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