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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Does that include Rejean Houle? Only GMs know what they're doing? The fans can't be right when the team trades McD for Gomez?

I mean seriously man, this makes sense to you?
Did I say only GM's know what they're doing? I responded to your post where you said "making it hard on ourselves". The only person he's made it more difficult on is himself. But again, he's the GM...THAT'S HIS JOB.

You think I don't make sense....yet you want to have me believe that just because the Habs could of saved 3M per year on Subban's deal, it means they would of been better off for him.

You don't explain how that money would be spent, you don't explain on who? But that's not surprising because you can't. You have no idea how that money would be spent and how it would turn out

Perfect example is the Cole/Ryder swap...Habs fans were ecstatic at getting Cole's contract off the books, Ryder was gonna be a cheap rental for the rest of the year and the Habs were gonna have oodles of cash this summer to spend and solve all their problems

What happens?

A few weeks later MB signs Desharnais to a 4 year contract eating up almost all of the cap space that was freed up in the Cole/Ryder swap

Back to square one

Edit: Look at the summer the Habs had a ton of cap space, they went out and traded for Gomez, signed Cammy, Gionta, Gill, did that work out for them?

Cap space is great, but it doesn't guarantee a damn thing...furthermore, I asked this question earlier and not shockingly, none of you pro-capspace warriors were able to answer it. But since the lockout, how many of the Stanley Cup winner, or hell, even final 4 teams were teams that had a lot of cap space left?

I'd venture to say, and granted i'm just guessing here, but I'd say that all the recent Cup winners, and finalists, are all teams that spent up to the cap and had very little cap space. Because successful teams understand that it's not how much you spend, it WHO you spend it on. The teams that accumulate cap space are the same teams that are in the basement every year.

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