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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Pretty much meaningless. Might just as well have employed the services of Donald Knuth, one time contributor to Mad Magazine to have compiled & written the NHL's Constitution and its various By-Laws, including in each the Potrzebie Clause. To be interpreted in any way the reader, the leagues BOG's and or its Commissioner & Officials see fit. A word without meaning that kinda looks impressive, expensive, impossible to pronounce.... Consider this exchange, the setting a Court Room circa 1956, Toronto owner Conn Smythe being Deposed by Lawyer Milton Mound, hired by Ted Lindsay, Doug Harvey & others to force the league to accept a Players Association:

Ted Lindsay: What By-Laws? Ive been in the league 12 years, Ive never seen no By-Laws.
Conn Smythe: (brandishing a book) Theyre right here.
Milton Mound: May I see them please?
Conn Smythe: Theyre confidential.
Milton Mound: How can a By-Law be confidential?
Conn Smythe: Only the Governors are privy to them. Says so right here, in the By-Laws.
Milton Mound: Well, you show me where it says that.
Conn Smythe: Your prohibited from seeing the By-Laws. It says so in a By-Law...

... and the more things change, the more they remain the same with this league.
sounds like something out a peter sellers movie......

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