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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
You sound like you're saying that his job is to make it hard on himself. I know that's not what you meant...

Regardless, GMs make dumb moves all the time and are fair game to be ripped when they do.

Why would I have to explain what we'd spend the extra 3 mil on? The fact that we'd have it would be a good thing regardless... In order for the 3 mil to be good we have to explain to you what we'd spend it on?


And who said anything about a guarantee of anything regarding cap space? All that's being said is that we'll pay more than we needed to in the future. As far as making more dumb moves that eat up cap space, that might happen regardless. All the more reason to need the extra 3 million...
So let me get this think that just having 3M of available cap space is great?

Go take a look at teams that had a lot of cap space last year, let me know how they did...

also, you're wrong when it comes to Subban and paying more then we needed to in the future. Had MB done like many of you wanted here and signed Subban to a 5/25 type of deal in January, it would of ended up costing him more in the long run, Subban would still be in prime years at the end of that deal. So how much do you think it would cost to retain him then?

Furthermore, since cap space is so vital to you...with the cap going down next year, the Habs would be right up against the cap today had they signed him to that 5/25M deal.

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