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07-16-2013, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I don't need anyone to convince me of anything...I just watch how the NHL functions. GM's are the one's who show me that cap space isn't as vital as fans think it is. GM's, at least the good one's, show me that drafting, making smart trades and player evaluation (whether that means trades or choosing WHO to pay) are way more important than cap space.

Furthermore, i'm not surprised you don't understand my reasoning...websites like has turned the average fan into a freaking capologist now. They think they know everything there is to know about running a team because they can add/substract numbers.

Cap space can always be created, when you're an astute use the salary cap to your advantage. keep referencing the extra 3M per year. All I've said was that, that extra 3M per year that SUbban is going to me, is not what's going to make or break the Habs. Who they draft, how they're developed and their evaluation of their own players and other perspective player throughout the league will have a MUCH larger impact then this money you keep obsessing over
But nobody ever said those things, so I don't see why you're going back to that. All that was said is that it's better to already have that cap flexibility rather than be forced to create it. It's pretty freaking simple and clear. It has nothing to do with fans thinking cap is more important than it is.
We had a chance to lock up a surefire star at a cheaper long term price early, we passed it up and now his cap hit will be higher than it would have been. Pretty darn simple.

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