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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
If you are aware that having extra cap space helps, then I don't see why you're arguing against it.

It's not true that we wouldn't have had cap. We currently have 3.3M of free space, if PK took up an extra 3M, his cap hit would be at 5.8M. I think we could have had him for a little cheaper, but even at that hit, we'd have a complete team.
Bergevin decided to use the extra space to sign Briere. Kind of a head scratcher to many.

In any event, I find it pretty ironic that you say I'm not seeing the entire picture when I'm looking at the long term impact (2year bridge + long term deal at huge price VS no bridge+long term at reasonable price) and you're focusing on 1 1/2 seasons.
I focus on the future, you focus on the present, yet I'm the one not seeing the entire picture...
I guess I'm living in the bizarro world.
Subban is what? 23yrs old? let's say he had signed that famous 5 yrs deal...that means he'd be a UFA at 28yrs old. How much do you think it's going to cost the Habs then? Especially considering the cap might be at 75M maybe 80M then

It's going to likely cost a lot more then the 7-8M deal he's going to lock down 1 year from now which will take him til he's 32-33yrs of age.

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