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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
My logic is absurd? That's your opinion...I don't need you to share it

This idea that because the Habs can save money by offering Subban 5M for the next 4 years and be able to give 5M to another player and it will all just magically work out JUST BECAUSE they have the available cap space is just a fantasy.

Just because you have cap space does not mean you will use it wisely...Personally, I would rather pay Subban a boat load of money then use money saved to spend it on a UFA that we will likely end up overpaying for, because as we all know, almost all UFA's end up being overpaid (a word I detest mind you). Subban to me is as sure of a thing as there is on the Habs, so whether he's making 5-6-7-8M, I don't give a damn. I'd rather roll the dice on Subban then some unknown player.

Again, I find it hilarious that so many lose sleep over Subban's next contract as though him making even 8M a year is going to cripple the Habs, while all the Cup contenders are paying all their key players huge salaries.

I swear, it's like a HFBoard thing to have players on the most affordable deals possible so you can go on the board and gloat about how other teams overpaid for their players and how the player you cheer for is on a great deal.

In the end...none of that matters
Why stop at 8m why not give him even more, I mean if we are just going to waste it on overpaid UFAs may as well give him 10m just to make sure we don't end up in a position where we might be tempted to overspend on a UFA.

No ones said that we are crippled because of what we will end up paying, and no one said the savings would have automatically made us a contender. Saving 3m gives the GM more flexibility in making moves to improve the team, having a Norris trophy winner on your team at 5m makes it easier to build the a championship team.

By the way it just so happens that Chicago has several players with cap hits below their worth. Both Hossa and Keith have cap hits in the 5-6m range instead of the 7+ range. So saying contenders pay their stars huge salaries is not really accurate.

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