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10-30-2006, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by JMMR View Post
Here is my positive thinking.

Souray is good friends with Brodeur, Brodeur accepted a 5.2 million dollar contract (knowing he could get more on the open market) He is 34 and is signed till he is 39 which may seem like a term he could not get in other places but there must be at least 20 teams that would having given him 5 years at 6.5+ million. Hopefully Souray will sacrafice some $ for the sake of the Canadiens being competitive.

I know some posters will say that I am INSANE and he would never do that but there is nothing wrong with a little hope and a little faith.

The problem with souray is that he has a history of injuries. A long contract may come and bite us in the rear end.

I think souray is going to get some incredible offers in the summer that the habs will fail to match while they are preoccupied with trying to get markov signed.

As for trading souray. It makes no sense. First of all, it will send a bad message to the rest of the team if you get rid of one of your best leaders. It will send the message that you are much more interested in the business aspect of the team rather than winning. Secondly, the real value of this guy is in the playoffs when goals become a real premium. It is in these times where a deadly shot from the point is very valuable.

The only way I even start to think about dealing him is if the habs are out of playoff contention at the deadline.

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