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10-30-2006, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by RedScull View Post
Geez. Firstly, the guy's injured.
Well, he was. He is better now. The way he has been skating and forechecking, as well as carrying his opponents on his back while protecting the puck suggest his back, as of now, isn't a concern. Fitness levels after missing a few games, I don't know about. I don't know how much training he could do while missing games but during the 3rd period of his 2nd game in 2 nights, he was a lot quieter than early in the game where he was getting stuck in. Hopefully that'll be solved by the time the next set of back to back games are played.

As for people wanting him up right now for his offensive skills, well, you might be disappointed. He has been carrying the puck well (apart from 2 mistakes I can think of), his passing has good most of the time and he has been setting his teammates up for some quality chances. Sadly, on a few of those chances, he could have taken them himself, but chose to pass instead. So far this season, he shoots occassionally, not often and confidently like a sniper would when in form. I'm not sure if he is worried about missing the net or people thinking him selfish if he takes on a chance without looking to his teammates, but so far this season, he has been a play maker far more than he has been a sniper.

I think its not the right time to bring him up. Hopefully Lever gives him a license to shoot at every opportunity (which from some of his pre-game comments, for the PP at least, he has) and Kost takes the opportunity. Playing with Grabs a little more will help and if the Grabs-Lappy-Kost line stays in tact, they will have success at both ends of the rink. All three guys can carry the puck end to end (in the AHL at least), Lappy and Kost can scrap along the boards for it (even Grabs was giving it a go on Saturday), they can all pass and all shoot. With such a diverse set of talents through the line, the other guys can take the puck and draw attention to them while Kost finds the empty space or drives to the net. If Kost can show the same determination in front of the net as he has with his skating and puck protection lately, he'll get it going soon. But as for right now, Montreal is not the place for him. He needs that confidence to shoot right now as thats the main thing missing from his game. Hopefully once he does turn it round (and I expect he will), someone in Montreal will be able to find a place for him, even if only for a few games before returning him to Hamilton.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
+ I wanna see Kosts use that boomer of a shot (probably the best shot on Habs).
Don't we all. As for best shot on the Habs, depends what you are looking for. I think Souray has the most powerful but Kost has a better release. Kovalev has a good mix of both those abilities and Markov has proven in the past he can fire the puck well. At least in terms of slap shots.

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