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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I don't think anybody is surprised that you're so eager to stop discussing this.

In the end, you were wrong.


but, since i saw it, i'll just post what i said last year since week #1.

"regardless of who is in net, this team needs to tighten up defensively & play 60 minute games"

"as i have said since week one, that this team has a few major issues:

frequent lack of hustle / urgency - seen today
awful amount of turnovers leading to high % scoring chances
inordinate amount of guys left alone / breakaways
over all awful team D"

"id be fine w/ Mason"

"lol .... Mason starts a game & the focus is on a Bryz interview.

at this point, i'd rather they buy him out & serve up another scapegoat for the forums"

"Mason was good.

this team still stinks defensively.

goaltending is NOT the issue."

"doesn't matter who is in net, just like i said:

uncovered opponents: Gervais left his man
turnover & high % scoring chance [goal #2]
lack of hustle & "playoff lives on the line" effort

are this team's issues.

Mason played & they still stunk defensively, so they can't even use the "we hate Bryz, so we're not going all out tonite" excuse.

P A T H E T I C"

nobody will ever know how Mason would have done starting 21 of 22 games in 45 days, or whatever it was, nor will anyone know if Bryz would be better this year if the Flyers play tighter defense and start giving 60 minute efforts & stop "going through the motions" as Hartsie pointed out. Even Mason couldn't overcome that in games last year.

i'm glad they freed up money with the 2 buyouts & am happy with Emery & Mason.

you can have your opinion, but don't tell me i'm wrong. as i said last year last year, Bryz needed to play better [as he did for the 1st 12-14 games or so], but in my view, goaltending was not the issue;

frequent lack of hustle / urgency / awful amount of turnovers leading to high % scoring chances / inordinate amount of guys left alone & breakaways / over all awful team D

were this teams biggest issues. in my view.

you can claim Bryz was the team's biggest issue & i will say that you are entitled to your opinion & that I dont agree with you.

so, we disagree ...... but don't go inventing that my opinion was wrong, because that cannot be 'proven' .... the ONLY way to determine if one of us is "right or wrong" would be if the ONLY change they made for this year was cutting Bryz & seeing how another goalie would do on the SAME EXACT team ..... and even that would really be impossible, because injuries have healed & this year we are most likely gonna have a healthier non-AHL defense in front of our goalies.

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