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you're fairly tall but seem to be lighter for your height class? (correct me if i'm wrong)

How strong of a skater are you? If you're quite a powerful skate with a muscular build, there's no problem with getting a pro-level stiffness. These skates will last long for you (3-4 years) and offer you great performance. $800 CCM RBZ, NXG, APX, 20K

If you feel your ability isn't as strong and on a skinnier build, drop to the mid-stiff level (basically 1-2 models down from the top). The $200 savings can get you a good skating profiling from a good hockey shop which may be more beneficial than a high-tier skate. ($30) The skates will last almost as long as the pro-levels. $500-600

The one major problem with a pro-level skate vs mid-level is that they may be TOO stiff for an average skater.

The incremental differences between mid-stiff, stiff, extra-stiff is usually not worth the money. the best deals are older high-end skates during a change-over year.

i.e. CCM CL, APX 1

you can also get skates properly fitted in a store to your feet rather than buying a used/prostock pair molded to someone else's feet.

Most people will know when they have "outgrown" their skates. i.e. feels like they can make better turns, go faster. A new pair properly fitted will definitely benefit then

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