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07-17-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by IranCondraAffair View Post
The antics and the chippyness I don't mind, they're part of the game from my perspective. All teams are guilty of it. Give me a petition that says it should stop and I'll sign it, but unless they can find a way to keep EVERYONE from doing it, then you're unfairly singling out players like Marchand who make it a part of their game.

Same thing with diving. I hate when EVERY team does it. At this point however, Marchand has such a reputation for diving that, in the future, there will likely be legitimate penalties on Marchand go uncalled because of his reputation. Things even out over the long term.

I draw the line at injuring other players with a deliberately dirty hits but, in Marchand's case, I don't think it's a recurring problem like Cooke or Torres. Marchand in under a microscope and he doesn't have a long record for illegal hits. To me, that is very telling. If he was consistently out there hurting people, I would hope the league would remove him from the game. If you look in almost any player's history you'll be able to dredge up an old youtube clip of ******** they've done in the past. The fact that there isn't 15 youtube clips of bad hits matters.

As far as him being a dick to the fans, well, that's money out of Marchand's pocket one way or another so, again, he's only hurting himself.
But that's exactly the issue I have with his game.
He might not actually intend to injure, but he obviously doesn't mind if it happens. The knee on Kunitz or the slewfoot on Niskanen and lots of his other "borderline" work could easily have resulted in serious injuries. There's no way he's not aware of that.

And that is also why I don't like the Torres comparison some people bring up. Torres' hits were hockey plays. That's clearly too often not the case with Marchand's actions.

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