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07-17-2013, 11:17 AM
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Was in NYC for 1/2 day. I love NYC. Any very large metropolitian city for that matter. Went to Katzs. I love this place. Ordered a pastrami. Tasted like butter. Probably the fat but excellent quality. Also pricey but Im sure less than than the places located in midtown. You cant get this quality outside of NYC as far as I know. Maybe Ill try the other delis (Carnegie, 2nd ave) but I really like Katzs. Tipped the guy who was carving the pastrami.

Egress out of the city to the Holland tunnel was joke. Parking lot. 30min+ to go from Katzs to the tunnel (took Broome). Love driving Manhatten as long as I dont do it on a regular basis. Fun and challenging. Reminds me of downtown Chicago.

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