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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
You have a gift for oversimplification and hyperbole. I'm not saying you can't trade your picks. I'm saying you shouldn't going flushing pick after pick after pick to land mediocre crap like Bargnani. Can you not differentiate between piecing together assets to deal for Shaq, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Pau Gasol and what the Knicks have generally dealt their picks for? Those are names of a bit different caliber than Eddy Curry, Gerald Henderson, Andrea Bargnani, Othella Harrington, etc.

Did you miss the part a few pages ago where I talked about how smartly Houston orchestrated their rebuild and used it as a contrast to what the Knicks are doing? The Knicks are playing a low percentage game. They geared everything they had toward freeing up cap space for the summer of 2010 and then missed out on LeBron and got stuck putting together a team with no realistic title hopes. Now they're shooting to play the free agent lottery again in 2015. If you make free agency your only outlet to contention, then you leave yourself with extremely limited options. And that's what they've done. They have to hope two of Rondo, Love, and Aldridge really want to come to New York. Because if a franchise player hits the trade market between now and then, the Knicks don't remotely have the assets to land him.

Look, they could hit it big and a Carmelo Anthony/Rajon Rondo/Lamarcus Aldridge Knicks team could emerge from the 2015 offseason. But that's a longshot at best. If that's your only plan, then you're not planning very well.
Just curious how that's a longshot.

You land Kevin Love, LMA, or somebody to play with Melo (or hell, even if SAS is somehow right and Melo goes to play in LA or something you just have even more cap space) OR you rebuild through the draft then, since we have 1st round picks sans 2016 for the years we would blow.

And you laud Houston, who's "rebuild" consists of trading for James Harden (smart move) and signing Dwight Howard (no brainer). None of those moves are much better than sign and trading for Tyson (brilliant move) and acquiring Melo (no brainer). I don't see how that's so much more brilliant than what the Knicks did/are planning to do.

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