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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
Some Canuck fans have, most of the more logical ones who can see the forest for the trees so to speak can understand the dilemma. We aren't thrilled with how the situation was handled, but a good portion of us are overall happy with the end result. Gillis has been the best GM we have had here in years, he has really transformed the organization. He is also a young GM who will make mistakes, just as all GMs do (see the buy-outs). Where as we don't like how the situation was handled, most of the more logical fans can get over that and focus on the bigger picture.

On to Clifford: I'd like the guy in Vancouver, but I wouldn't offer Tanev for him. We need defensive depth, especially cheap guys who can step into key roles. Both Tanev and Corrado are those guys, we will need both if we hope to go far. Not to mention, I have no idea why LA would want a young #4/5 defenseman with upside.
I'm with you. There are many inflammatory/knee jerk reaction type fans who seem to hate the coaching staff and management no matter what. They'll never be appeased and probably don't follow the team that closely. Following the Luongo-Schneider timeline, you realize that Gillis didn't have that much opportunity to trade either goalie for a huge return. His best bet was probably the 2011/2012 trade deadline prior to the LA series. After that the CBA and Luongo's comments handcuffed Gillis. I also agree that the Schneider trade was ultimately a little underwhelming. Would have liked to get another pick or prospect, but Horvat looks like a good prospect that also address the organizational need for young centres.

RE: Clifford. I like him, but don't see a fit on this team. I just can't see either of Higgins or Hansen on the 4th line. They deserve at least the 3rd line ice-time/responsibility. Clifford could take a 3rd line spot if one of Hansen or Higgins are bumped up to the 2nd line, but that would move Kassian out of the top6 onto the 4th line, which is not ideal for his development. If Clifford takes a top6 spot, that again bumps Kassian down the 4th line. Maybe the coaching staff wouldn't mind sending Kassian to Utica for most of the season, using his only as an injury call-up. Maybe the line up looks like this:


With Kassian in the line-up, maybe it looks like this:


Clifford is probably too expensive and useful of a player to be getting 10 or fewer minutes a night, that's why I don't see a good fit on this team. I would rather an upgrade at 3C.

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