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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
In my opinion it shows the flaw in almost all trophies and the way votes are cast. The NHL is happy to allow hockey writers to vote for almost every award. If these are truly awards for players deemed to be the best at something, they should be voted on by the NHLPA and GMs, not members of the media who, by and large, focus on covering a single team (most of those writers are in major markets in Canada and along the North Eastern portion of the USA).
I think part of that, also, is that when there's a question as to whether or not one of two potentially equally deserving candidates should be chosen, the bias is going to drift towards "what makes for the best story" - not out of some sort of conscious effort in that direction, but simply because that's what such folks are inclined to look for (heck, it's why they have their jobs to begin with). So any feel-good story is going to capture imaginations and get marginally more votes.

The obvious most recent example would be this past season's Vezina Trophy. But it can also be seen in the whole "Respect The Old Soldier" storyline Lidstrom had going on.

Frankly, I'm not sure of any good way to make it more objective. I don't think GMs and the NHLPA would do much better - they'd be even more monomaniacally focused on their individual teams, with occasional moments of "sure, I've heard that name". I doubt the quality would improve.

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