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07-17-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Quagmier View Post
The thing that worries me most about this whole situation is that now Rychel and Salo are involved in a very public and bitter dispute, in which Rychel has now called Salo's reputation into question. Things like that NEVER end well, especially when its two proud former athletes.

The comment you made earlier about Salo finding him icetime as a show of "good faith" now seems like even more of a longshot given the heated nature of how this all played out. Salo could very easily bury DLR to spite Rychel, or refuse to move him even though the situation is clearly not working out.

This siatuation could potentially turn into two grown men fighting like little girls and a kid trying to make his way to the NHL suffering as a result.
There are no winners in this feud. First, Salo is "just" the GM. Which makes De la Rose icetime not even his problem. If his coach doesn't give him icetime, Salo, if he cares (which I doubt he will), will just come out and say he has not a lot to do in it. Only way there'a winner is if Leksand really needs De la Rose, he plays, do great, Leksand is better that way and De la Rose do progress. Everything else is a loss for everybody....but it should be just that 1 year. So, we'll wish that whenever things happen, that it won't affect De la Rose progression.

Through Leksand's website, there's 9 players who can play that Centerman we'll see how that ends up...we'd obviously prefer to see him C, as this is where we'd love to see him playing here, but then if it's on the wing to get more icetime, so be it.

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