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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
Ummm, no. The guy claimed Toews is a better offensive player because of his PPG. I claimed that Tavares had more goals than all of the other 3, so obviously it's his lack of assists that make him a "worse" player. I then stated how assists rely on teammates scoring, and then stated how Moulson(Tavares' go-to winger in the goal-scoring dept.) had his worst statistical season in that regard.

It's really not hard. When you already have the weakest supporting cast of the bunch, and the best player of that group ends up snake-bitten for half of the season in the goal scoring department, you PROBABLY won't end up with as many assists as a guy who plays with Kane/Hossa/Sharp or RNH/Yakupov/Eberle.

Maybe I'm wrong...
So now it's total goals that you're hanging your hat on? Goals per game would be the more appropriate stat to use - but if you want to use total goals, that's fine. But then you disregard total goals from the last 4 seasons because Toews has 3 more goals over those 4 seasons (115 to 112). So you must be using total goals over the past 3 seasons where Tavares has 4 more goals then Toews (88 to 84). However, Tavares has played more games over the past 3 seasons so his goals per game is still less than Toews. So I agree that the following statement is true:

Over the past three seasons, Tavares has scored more goals than Toews.

But based on all other comparisons, Toews is the better player than Tavares and as they say - AINEC.

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