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07-17-2013, 12:14 PM
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I seem to recall the first go round was Leiweke was saying that Blake was asking for too many $, and he Kings could not afford to pay what he wanted. I drank the kool-aide. Blake was a bad guy. The Leiweke PR machine did a great job making Blake out to be the bad guy.

Then I see Leiweke's comments after going to Toronto, pretty much calling Kings fan's shill's and not very loyal, no support until the team made the run to the SF Final..

Realize now, I bought Leiweke's B.S. hook line and sinker. Guy is a snake oil salesman and will only spin things to show himself in a positive light

No ill will towards Blake anymore. And would clap and cheer should they ever retire his number.

And everybody says Futa got a slap in the face, so we know for sure the guy wasn't asked. I have people that work for me that like the role they have within the company, and do not have a desire to change. Just curious if anyone knows for sure Futa was passed by or if he chose to stay in his current role..

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